1. Land and sea facing each other: The Silk Road

Wandering around the Western Regions and vast oceans, we set on a journey along the Silk Road to promote cultural awareness and the spread of Chinese culture.


25069EEA80363F1F8F7BCA95196F9B25.jpg Land and sea facing each other: The Silk Road

Keywords: Silk Road, multinational culture

Lecturer: Prof  Zhang Longhai, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Xiamen University, PhD supervisor. Main research fields include American literature, especially American Chinese diaspora literature and Harold Bloom’s works, as well as politics and economics of India and Indian English-language literature.

Time: 1st to 10th week, Tuesday 14:30-16:10 (Section 5-6)

Place: Nanguang No. 3 Building, Room 515


  1. Materials science and human civilization

From stones, shells and bone spears through bronze wares to television and nanofiber, we explore step by step from brand new perspectives how humanity developed from hunter-gatherers into space travelers. Apart from lectures, museum visits and experiments are also included in this course.


Stone Age – Pottery Age – Bronze Age

Iron Age – Multi-material Age – ?

Keywords: materials, history, humanity

Lecturer: Prof. Liu Xingjun is currently Dean of the College of Materials at Xiamen University, director of the Research Center for Materials Design and Application at Xiamen University, director of the Xiamen Key Laboratory of High Performance Metal Materials, distinguished professor of the Min River Scholar Award of Fujian province, recipient of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. His main research fields include design theory of metal materials (including cluster variation method, phase field theory, phase diagram calculation), electronic packaging materials, metal glass materials, new type composite materials.

Time: 3rd to 13th week, Wednesday 19:10-20:50 (Section 9-10)

Place: Nanqiang No. 2. Building 504


  1. Digital media illuminates life


Keywords: digital technology, smart life


Watching concerts through virtual reality, searching for anime on AcFun and Bilibili, playing LOL together in the net cafe… In this lecture we will observe from zero distance how digital media illuminates our lives.

Lecturers: Prof. Wang Beizhan, Prof. Dong Huailin, Prof. Wu Qingfeng… The Software School of Xiamen University introduces a heavyweight group of 13 teachers to conduct this series. Leading lecturer Wang Beizhan is mainly specialized in data mining, machine learning, database research and their application in teaching.

Time: 1st to 16th week, Thursday 16:40-18:20 (Section 7-8)

Place: Haiyun Teaching Building 101


  1. Information security in the age of Big Data


Keywords: Big Data, informationization, personal security

David Beckham’s mailbox was hacked leading to a scandal, my neighbor Mr. Wang’s Alipay was hacked and charged, all his deposit disappearing… It doesn’t matter whether you are a celebrity or an ordinary person, to keep your information security in the age of Big Data is a hard task for everyone. Hush, I tell you a secret, don’t forget to take the key called “mathematics” with you. It will help you to unlock quite a few secrets of Big Data age information security!

Lecturer: Prof. Zeng Jiwen, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the School of Mathematical Sciences of Xiamen University, Master’s supervisor, main research fields include group representation theory, the application of group theory in cryptography.

Time: 1st to 8th week, Tuesday 10:10-11:50 (Section 3-4)

Place: Student Dormitories 104


  1. Smart manufacturing and industry 4.0


Keywords: smart manufacturing, management, innovation


Watch out everyone, industry has already arrived in its 4.0 era, resulting from the collision of computer technology and business economics. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the previous sentence, our teacher will use digital multimedia videos and case teaching in order to vividly demonstrate the characteristics and future tendencies of smart manufacturing. Connecting your own major with smart manufacturing, you might become a compound talent!

Lecturer: Zhu Qingyuan, associate professor at the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the School of Aerospace Engineering of Xiamen University, main research fields include smart device research, vehicle active safety, machine vision and pattern recognition.

Time: 1st to 16th week, Wednesday 10:10-11:50 (Section 3-4)

Place: Nanqiang No. 2. Building 409

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